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Overcome “creative blocks” through motivation

Don’t wait for inspiration, use your internal drive to be creative and overcome your “creative block”

Ever had problems to overcome the “blank canvas” or to find inspiration that gives your creativity a kick-start?

Working in a “creative” field such as web design, you will often find yourself having a so called “creative block” when it comes to starting a new project.

But what is “creativity” anyway?

We often tend to associate “creativity” with “art”, or “artistic creating”. But as per definition, creativity is not artistry, – it’s problem solving.

A lot of people tell me “I’m not creative…”, but if you’re capable of solving problems in a relevant and novel way – well, you’re creative, you’re an “Artist”.

So, if there is no problem to solve, you can’t be creative.

Looking for inspiration to feed your creativity might lead you to a dead-end, if you’re only being “artistic” and not actually trying to solve a problem.

So, when you feel that “creative block” kicking in, ask yourself: “…what problem am I trying to solve, is there a purpose behind my creating?” and “…what restrictions am I confronted with, what obstacles do I need to overcome?”

If you are able to answer does questions, all you have to do is take action. You have to consciously define a plan, and then execute on it. It’s not enough to wait for inspiration, WE have to actively take action – and here’s where motivation comes in.


Inspiration vs Motivation

It’s natural to believe that inspiration operates as force for creating our most creative and imaginative work (to solve the problem in a creative way).

The thing with “inspiration” is, it’s defined as “process of being mentally stimulated to do something”, to do something creative while stimulated through an external factor.

Being mentally stimulated through an external source (the inspiration) keeps us waiting for something to happen to us. We have no control over where and how inspiration might hit us.

So how can we be inspired having a controllable source where WE do things, and don’t let things happen to us?


Using our internal drive

Unlike inspiration, motivation is defined as “the general desire to do something”, therefore, motivation is an internal drive WE can control.

Having the motivation, a desire, a passion for something, –  it’s OUR decision –  we have full control of what might happen and how we go after it.

If we are confronted with a problem to solve, and we make a conscious decision to actually solve it (take action), we weren’t inspired to find a solution. We were motivated through our decision to take on the challenge and solve the problem.

Inspiration can be found anywhere, in any magazine or book, on other websites. Even in your own household if you’re willing to look for it.

But, to be able to act on these everyday inspirations, you’ll need motivation, your internal drive serving as the accelerant to produce relevant and novel solutions –  to be creative.



Don’t wait for inspiration, use the motivation –  make a decision to actually solve the problem and be inspired by what’s around you to create a relevant and novel solution.

If there is a purpose (a problem to solve), if you know the restrictions that come with the solution and have the motivation to actively take action, you will find youself overcoming many “creative blocks” much faster.


For more insights on “Motivation” go and grab yourself a copy of Daniel Pink’s book “Drive“. It’s a brilliant book and a must to have on your bookshelf.

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