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You could have done more…

When the feeling of “not being done” creeps up on you

You’ve been working late hours on a small side project for the last six weeks straight.
You’ve been studying hard for your law exam coming up the next week.
You come home at 6pm after 9 hours duty, grab a cup of instant soup, sit at your desk and carry on training your UI skills on some mock-up you’ve created hoping someday you will get your foot into the web design industry.

Finally laying in bed at night you’re staring at the ceiling thinking “…I could have done more…”, “…I should have worked a few extra hours on my project to night…”, “…I should have gone through the federal constitutional law again…” or “…I should have added that texture to the submit button…”.

You’re left with this feeling of not being prepared, not being ready or that your effort wasn’t enough and you could have done even more…



Now, does any of this sound familiar to you?

If it does, let me tell you one thing:

You’re absolutely right!

You’re not prepared, you’re not ready and yes, you could have done more.

But before you fall into a deep depression letting the doubt break your self-esteem, here’s the great news.

You have the necessary drive to constantly progress. You know it takes effort and dedication to be successful.

Having this feeling of “not being done”, is what sets you apart from all the other people whining about how hard there life is and that they need a break.

There are so many people wasting their time with unnecessary, meaningless stuff (like whining) which leaves you to take on the great opportunities out there to be remarkable and make a difference.

So, next time while laying in bed at night and having this “…I could have done more…” feeling creep up on you, don’t let it pull you down leaving you having sleepless nights.
Think of it as being an engine giving you the necessary drive to carry on the next day leading you to success, remarkability and happiness.

There is always more you could have done, and you’re never going to be finished. So feel the luck of being one of the “undone” and enjoy the journey waiting for you!


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