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Create a simple budget summery for your monthly spendings.




Do you keep track of your monthly expenses?

Faire enough  – it’s not an very interesting topic and might lead to headache for some people. But having an overview of what’s coming in and what’s going out (financially) can help you sort issues if you’re struggling with financial problems.

Also if you want to pay your tax invoice as installment payment you often have to provide a budget for the Swiss tax administration.

I created a small website where you can enter your income and expenses to get a simple budget summery.


It’s a very lightweight application only using some javascript/jquery to do the calculations.

There are several pre defined expenses which represent a “traditional” budget for a Swiss household.

You can also extend the listing with additional expenses to get a more accurate result for your budget.

If you want to send your budget to third parties (tax administration) you can also create a PDF of your budget. To create the PDF I used the jsPDF library from

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